Ottawa Half Marathon 2016

We finished! We survived!

Our final time was 2h:34m:12s with an average pace of 7:21min/km. I’m happy with this time mainly because of the heat factor but also realistically this is what I predicted based on my training leading up to the race.

Sean had a blast and declared running a half marathon was ‘fun’. Needless to say we will be running another one in the future:)




Half Marathon Fast Approaching

My third half marathon is fast approaching; 6 more sleeps!!!!  I always like to try to have a race goal in mind.  Here are my previous half marathon finishes.

  • May 27 2012 2h:18m:16s  Pace 6:33 min/km
  • May 25 2014 2h:40m:14s Pace 7:35 min/km

I also like to make a couple of different goals so I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself pre-race and so I am not disappointed with myself.  The reality is that anybody who challenges themselves should consider themselves successful.

Plan A: Run a new PR for the half marathon distance by finishing in less than 2h:18m:16s

Plan B: Run at a race pace of less than 7:00 min/km by finishing in less than 2h:27m:41s

Plan C: Run faster than my last half marathon by finishing in less than 2h:40m:14s


Weekly Summary #8

Running has not come easy to me the last week; whether it be because of working, hot weather or feeling fatigue, I just am not “feeling it”.

  • 5 km run on Wednesday 5 km 32m:19s Pace 6:27 min/km
  • Long run on Tuesday instead of Sunday; 11 km 1h:20m:29s Pace 7:18 min/km

I would have liked to finish the week with at least one more run and a further long run but it is pointless to dwell on what didn’t happen.  Staying confident and feeling positive are probably the two things that will help the most with my half marathon that is happening in 11 DAYS!!!!


Weekly Goals #8

I’m a little late posting my weekly goals but better late than never.  Almost 2 weeks until I run my third half marathon.   Since my last half marathon was run 2 years ago, I am running with my boyfriend who has never done a half before and I’m just getting back into running after a long hiatus….I feel weirdly relaxed about the upcoming race. Part of me is figuring out pace times for beating my personal best of 2 hours 18 minutes but the other part of me is letting finish times go because Sean’s goal is “just to finish” and I don’t want to add pressure to him.   I’d love to eventually be able to run a sub 2 hour half marathon but that will take a lot more training and work than I have done so far.  Maybe I’ll sign up for a fall half marathon??

This weeks goals are:

  • Run 3 times (I’m working five 12 hour day shifts this week so my time is limited)
  • Run 5 km (Tuesday morning)
  • Run 7 km (Friday or Saturday night)
  • Run 18 km (Monday morning)

In the future I am going to try to run on my days off; it takes way too much effort to convince myself to run after work and I definitely am not getting up to run before I go to work.  There is no way that is happening!!!

These last two weeks before the half I am going to try to concentrate on feeling strong, confident and in control when I run.  Negative thoughts will be quickly squashed and positive thoughts will prevail.


Weekly Summary #7- Mother’s Day

I didn’t meet a lot of my goals this past week for various reasons but I still think it was a positive week. My legs are feeling stronger and my confidence as a runner is returning. Sean and I managed to run 16 km on our long run. There were a few short walk breaks and the last kilometres were painful but we both felt we could have endured another 5k to make it to the half marathon distance. This is good because our race is less than 3 weeks away!

My weekly goals and actual results are as follows:

  • Run 4 times – 2/4 Yep, only two runs.
  • Planks 3 times (3x90s) – zero planks because my left upper back is killing me
  • 4 km run – nope
  • 5 km run – Tuesday 5 km 31m:02s Pace 6:11 min/km
  • 8 km run – nope
  • 14 km run – Sunday 16 km 1h:47m:57s Pace 6:45 min/km
  • 31 total km – 21 km

Like I said, I didn’t really meet a lot of my goals but I’m ok with it. It was a busy week and Mother’s Day was in there too. Sean and I finished the new front flower bed and patio and I’m so happy with it. I was spoiled for Mother’s Day; lots of new running things including shorts. Here are some pics from a great weekend:


New flower bed and the start of our little patio


My three handsome young men


Abby sneaking in for some loving:)

Weekly Goals #7

May 29 is fast approaching and planning ahead I see that we only have 2 or 3 more chances at a long run before our half marathon. Currently our longest run this year is 12 km which concerns me a bit but I’m really trying to ‘just go with it’.  If we only increase by 2 km each time then we will get up to 14 km this week and 16 km next week. During the taper week we will probably do 14 km too. The alternative is to do 18 km for a long run during taper week. I think I will opt for this. Sean is dealing with shin splints so we will have to see how he feels too.  I know that the last 5 km of our half marathon is going to be painful simply because our bodies are not used to going long distances yet. When I trained for my first half marathon I had 4 runs over 18km prior to the race and the last 3 km of the race were still sheer torture. I know Sean and I are going to be hurting; we will have endure the pain and finish regardless with heart because our bodies are going to be finished. Sounds like fun doesn’t it??? 

Here are this weeks goals. 

  • Run 4 times
  • Planks 3 times (3x90s)
  • 4 km run
  • 5 km run
  • 8 km run
  • 14 km run
  • 31 total km

I suck at eating

Food that I am good at:

  • Breakfast – vector cereal with milk (could eat this everyday now)
  • First Snack – Key Lime Greek Yogurt (Yummy)

Food that I am not good at:

  • Lunch, second snack and dinner
  • Anything I have to plan or think about for more than 2 minutes
  • Eating healthy on days I work 7 am to 7 pm

Merely journaling what I eat does not work for me. I need to plan and then try to stick to the plan.  It works for my running and I think if I am more specific with my food choices and leave less room for worry about what I am going to eat then it will work better. My next day off I will make a food plan and go grocery shopping. And for the meantime….new running shorts are not happening yet:(